what we do

Power Generation



Ophirian Technologies provides a comprehensive range of products for the high quality, reliable & efficient power generating sets. We have a lot of notable experience in the design, supply, delivery, installation, testing and commissioning of power generator sets. We aim to provide with quality, safe, with optimal specifications that meet with your budget that conforms to recent industry standards. Generating equipment is produced along with ISO certified manufacturing plant boosting our confidence in giving you what you expect.

Timely deliveries, efficient project management, technical capabilities, innovative designs and international quality ensure Ophirian Technologies to meet the requirement of the customers for varied applications.

Transmission and Distribution


 Today, the further development of power distribution & transmission systems is driven by an increasing demand of reliability, system security and economically viable solutions.

 Ophirian Technologies  offers a comprehensive range of products – Transformers, Line Hardware & Accessories, Power Cables, Power Circuit Breakers, Switchgears & Relays backed by effective engineering and designing capabilities.


Design Expertise

Double Bus, Single Breaker

 Ophirian Technologies  has extensive design & technical expertise, support capabilities & worldwide experience to bring together, most cost efficient results, superior technology and the quality product as per the international standards. 

Automation System



Automation is a rapidly increasing area of interest and benefit to utilities. Automation goes beyond traditional SCADA to provide added capability and information that can further improve operations and maintenance, increase system and staff efficiencies, and leverage and defer major capital investments. 

 Ophirian Technologies  actively planning, designing, and implementing automation solutions.  We have an experienced team that knows the vendors, products, design options, communication solutions, and implementation hurdles. We help our clients find the best approach, while managing costs and risks. 

Engineering and Maintenance Management



 Ophirian Technologies  is providing mechanical, electrical and instrumentation engineering services across a range of sectors. We have numerable experience that we successfully able to solve problems which many others, who provide similar services, find difficult to do. We have proven ability to take engineering concepts, designs and specifications and produce anything from practical sub‐assembly components right through to full electromechanical working systems that perform excellently under real 'battle conditions'.

An extensive training, workshop and implementation of maintenance program play a key part in the provision of outsourced maintenance. This service is available off‐site or on‐sight and provides highly skilled people and maintenance resources for any organization that needs to complement, or even replace, their existing maintenance workforce and operating requirements. At the core of all Ophirian Technologies’ activities are our ability to scope, design and manage projects.

Trading and Services



We, at Ophirian Technologies  offer to power, industrial and commercial customers a wide range of equipment selection. We can provide every client with extensive industry knowledge and best maintained task force in the business. We pride ourselves on having an expert team that goes an extra mile for the convenience of your job – from helping you choose exactly the right component and equipment for the job and its exact delivery.

Our competitive advantage can be seen in the quality of services that every customer can expect whether purchasing or renting. We are treating our customers with our best services, satisfied with the quality of products, reliability of production and the strictest of environmental, safety and health standards.