Who We Are


Incorporated within this year 2019 - Philippines, Ophirian Technologies, OPC is considered a new player in the sector of engineering design, trading, installation, and maintenance services. The company is active in the area of Electromechanical Services to industrial, commercial, and power industries.

Ophirian Technologies was created in order to provide solutions and customer orientation on the utilization with market available high-end products and in the implementation of best industrial practices. We are establishing reputation by focusing on the individual needs of customer in each product & services, and then applying Ophirian Technologies expertise and resources to develop and supply products and services that provides value.

Ophirian Technologies  is maintaining the high level of quality & reliability of its products and services; this is due to the emphasis on design and manufacturing accordance to international standard by acquiring some of the best technologies from leading companies in the world, altogether with technologies developed in its own local facilities.

Our leadership is committed to quality and exceeding the expectation of valued customers. To demonstrate our commitment, quality has been portrayed as consistent theme of Ophirian Technologies.

To achieve and demonstrate sound Occupational Health & Safety performance, we have complied with the relevant requirement in OSHA under DOLE the comprehensive training with certifications. Also in compliance with the Construction Industry Authority of the Philippines (CIAP), we have an Authorized Managing Officer (AMO) and sets of sustaining technical employees as required by the Department of Trade and Industry.

Ophirian Technologies commitment to its employee and the community remains the foundation of continued sustainability.


Our common offered service across various industries.